Make Today COUNT!


worried phone call

One phone call can change your life.   Not long ago I received a phone call about some routine tests I had done at the Dr’s office.  I expected the results to come back normal just as they had year after year.  But this time was different.  I received a phone call that the Dr. was concerned and I needed more in-depth testing.  Have you ever had a phone call change your life’s perspective?   We just never know, do we?  While none of us want to live our lives expecting terrible news to come our way, sometimes moments of uncertainty are just what we need to keep our lives kingdom focused.  Do you ever let the things of this world weigh you down?  I do.  There are times when I allow my fleshly desires to overtake my spiritual desires.  I get too concerned about the worries of this life and I forget what really matters.  Why do we live our lives expecting tomorrow to come? We expect there to be another birthday, another family vacation, another time to go on a mission trip.  But, we have no guarantee of any of these things.  We never know when a life-changing phone call is going to come our way.  All we have is right now!  So today, I want to encourage you to regroup and refocus on what really matters.  Keep your eyes focused on Him and live each day to the fullest.  I’m thankful to tell you that my extended test results came back just fine, but it was no fun waiting.  During those days of waiting, God reminded me that my days are numbered so I better make today count.  Maybe you need a good reminder of this too!

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  ~Psalm 90:12


Thanks for stopping by!  ~Joy

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    Yes one phone call can change your life! In a split second your world can come crashing down. This is when I learned to trust God! He has a plan and we must trust his plan!!!

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    Pam Carle

    I will remember you and your health issues in my prayers

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    Art Madill

    Bless you Joy. Hope you and family are doing well. Our oldest grandson just won the state championship baseball .he is 17 now.see u.

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