Gray Hair—YIKES!


OK, ladies–what is it about going to the salon that causes us to feel a little better, a little more relaxed and even a little more beautiful?  I’m pretty sure men do not feel this way about visiting their barbers.  When I’m heading out to go see my favorite hair dresser, Ashley, there’s an element of excitement that stirs inside of me.  You know, I used to visit the salon for just a haircut, but a few years ago, I began noticing a few strands of gray hair peeking out beneath my brunette head.  So, now when I go see Ashley, I sometimes choose to add a little color to my hair.  Maybe you can relate.  Aging brings along with it gray and white strands of hair, and although many of us don’t embrace this change of hair color there’s some encouragement we can find in God’s Word about it.  Listen to what God says in Isaiah Chapter 46”  “I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you”.  God is with us throughout our entire life.  There are times in my life when I have had difficulty feeling God’s presence.  Times when I felt alone, confused, even frustrated, but He never left me…He was always there.  This verse reminds us that God is constant.  He never changes and He cares for us here on earth until our last breath, and then we will be with Him forever.  He created us and although sometimes we can’t feel it, He is taking care of us along our journey.  So the next time you head off to the Salon to get a little color to cover those gray strands of hair, I hope you’ll remember this verse in Isaiah and know that your God will always care for you.  Know that throughout your entire life, He is watching over you.  Your God will never leave you!

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    Pat Ennis

    Joy, love your article and am enjoying every gray hair on my head!
    Love your wit and gift of expression! What an encourager you are!!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the encouragement Pat!

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    Joy, I used to color my hair all the time until I decided this year to try to
    live according to God standards and not the workd’s standards.
    So I am going natural and knowing the according to Proverbs
    gray hair is a crown of slendor/glory abtained by a righteous life
    So why would I not want to display that…..trying it!! 🙂

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