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Joytime May 1 (Get right with God!)

Joytime  May 2 (The still small voice)

Joytime May 3 (The Lord gives and takes away)

Joytime May 4 (Joy in the trials)

Joytime May 7 (You’re in a fight for your life!)

Joytime May 8 (Forgive those hard to love people)

Joytime May 9 (God has a plan for you!)

Joytime May 10 (He is near when we are broken)

Joytime May 11 (Losing your patience?)

Joytime May 14 (Be quick to listen)

Joytime May 15 (Eternity in mind)

Joytime May 4 (Joy in the trials)

Joytime May 16 (A woman after His own heart)

Joytime May 17 (Stirring the pot?)

Joytime May 18 (The green-eyed monster)

Joytime May 21 (The power of hope)

Joytime May 22 (Do you feel tired?)

Joytime May 23 (How to stop the worry!)

Joytime May 24 (The gatekeeper)

Joytime May 25 (Faith-o-meter)

Joytime May 28 (His ways are not our ways)

Joytime May 29 (Grateful for true friends!)

Joytime May 30 (God is good all of the time!)

Joytime May 31 (Testing in the small things)

Joytime June 1 (God is a promise keeper)

Joytime June 4 (Waiting!)

Joytime June 5 (Who do we really serve?)

Joytime June 6 (Lord, teach us to number our days)

Joytime June 7 (The pit of pride)

Joytime June 8 (Redeemed!)

Joytime June 11 (The WHY?)

Joytime June 12 (Solitude)

Joytime June 13 (Stubborn!)

Joytime June 14 (What’s your passion?)

Joytime June 18 (Do you know Him more?)

Joytime June 19 (Oh Lord Oh Lord!  How Majestic is Thy Name!)

Joytime June 20 (Be the light!)

Joytime June 21 (Two powerful words)

Joytime June 22 (24 hours a day)

Joytime June 25 (This makes all the difference)

Joytime June 26 (That special place)

Joytime June 27 (What you can control)

Joytime June 28 (The mighty worker)

Joytime June 29 (If you want me to)

Joytime July 2 (The last brownie)

Joytime July 3 (Temptation)

Joytime July 4 (Over scheduled)

Joytime July 5 (Out of the ordinary)

Joytime July 9 (Your greatest fear)

Joytime July 10 (Praise his great works)

Joytime July 11  (Motivate with words)

Joytime July 12 (Not a God of confusion)

Joytime July 13 (Marriage)

Joytime July 16 (Don’t be deceived)

Joytime July 17 (Martha Martha)

Joytime July 18 (Wherever you go)

Joytime July 19 (Your servant is listening)

Joytime July 20   (Seeking to please)

Joytime July 23 (Random acts)

Joytime July 24 (Welcome back)

Joytime July 25 (What’s your name?)

Joytime July 26 (Get right with God!)

Joytime  July 27  (The still small voice)

Joytime July 30 (The Lord gives and takes away)

Joytime July 31 (Good v/s evil)

Joytime Aug 1 (A simple life)

Joytime Aug 2 (A need to know basis)

Joytime Aug 3  (Stumbling block)

Joytime Aug 6  (Got prayer?)

Joytime Aug 7  (Wonderfully made)

Joytime Aug 8  (The eyes of the Lord are searching)

Joytime Aug 9  (WIN!)

Joytime Aug 10 (Throw the rolls)

Joytime Aug 13 (A fresh start)

Joytime Aug 14 (Getting on my nerves!)

Joytime Aug 15  (Transparent)

Joytime Aug 16 (Soul surfer)

Joytime Aug 17 (Send the fire)

Joytime Aug 20 (Every need is not your calling)

Joytime Aug 21 (Where does the time go?)

Joytime Aug 22 (Ezra = Intentional)

Joytime Aug 23 (Choose God)

Joytime Aug 24 (Excuses, Excuses, Excuses)

Joytime Aug 27  (Are you satisfied?)

Joytime Aug 28   (Because I said so!)

Joytime Aug 29   (Are you ready?)

Joytime Aug 30  (Come to me)

Joytime Aug 31  (Ok to FEEL)

Joytime Sept 3  (Too early)

Joytime Sept 4  (Get away and rest)

Joytime Sept 5  (Overwhelmed)

Joytime Sept 6 (SIREN!)

Joytime Sept 7 (A grateful heart)

Joytime Sept 10 (Power of God)

Joytime Sept 11 (Persecuted)

Joytime Sept 12  (Can you hear me now?)

Joytime Sept 13 (Sodium Chloride)

Joytime Sept 14 (Grieving over loss)

Joytime Sept 17 (Adoption)

Joytime Sept 18 (We do what really matters to us)

Joytime Sept 19 (Fellowship)

Joytime Sept 20 (It’s not too late)

Joytime Sept 21 (Bound to your mistakes?)

Joytime Sept 24 (God, have mercy)

Joytime Sept 25 (Gray hair—YIKES)

Joytime Sept 26 (God doesn’t waste my mistakes)

Joytime Sept 27 (Are your lamps ready?

Joytime Sept 28 (A time to be silent)

Joytime Oct 1 (I am HIS always)

Joytime Oct 2 (Whose in last place?)

Joytime Oct 3 (Celebrate with St. Jude)

Joytime Oct 4 (Dress up; playing pretend)

Joytime Oct 5 (Worship Him alone)

Joytime Oct 8 (Money, money, money)

Joytime Oct 9 (Just say no)

Joytime Oct 10 (When life doesn’t work out)

Joytime Oct 11 (A KNOW IT ALL)

Joytime Oct 12 (Be a do-er)

Joytime Oct 15 (Came to serve)

Joytime Oct 16 (Worship with music)

Joytime Oct 17  (Joy in the trials)

Joytime Oct 18  (Losing your patience?)

Joytime Oct 23 (Anxious)

Joytime Oct 24  (A broken heart)

Joytime Oct 25 (Help me obey)

Joytime Oct 26 (Immeasurably more)

Joytime Oct 29 (Change the channel)

Joytime Oct 30 (What are you living for)

Joytime Oct 31  (Piles of laundry)

Joytime Nov 1 (Godly time out)

Joytime Nov 2  (Disappointment)

Joytime Nov 5 (Mine, mine, mine)

Joytime Nov 6 (How do you deny him?)

Joytime Nov 7 (So much work to do)

Joytime Nov 8  (Interrupted)

Joytime Nov 9 (I still do)

Joytime Nov 12 (Gleaning)

Joytime Nov 13 (Even if)

Joytime Nov 14 (Creation

Joytime Nov 15  (Can’t win a beauty pageant)

Joytime Nov 16 (Grateful for true friends!)

Joytime Nov 19  (Be quick to listen)

Joytime Nov 20 Avoiding conflict)

Joytime Nov 21 (On the corner of a roof)

Joytime Nov 22  (Thankfulness)

Joytime Nov 23  (Friendship struggles)

Joytime Nov 26 (A Miracle)

Joytime Nov 27  (Be strong and courageous)

Joytime Nov 28 (Can’t please everyone)

Joytime Nov 29 (What does “hope” mean)

Joytime Dec 3  (Be real!)

Joytime Dec 4 (Gimmie Gimmie)

Joytime Dec 5 (Love one another)

Joytime Dec 6 (Clay)

Joytime Dec 7 (Smelly Shepherds)

Joytime Dec 10 (How to stop worrying)

Joytime Dec 11 (Strong willed child)

Joytime Dec 12 (The best gift ever!)

Joytime Dec 13 (I want more!)

Joytime Dec 14 (Do you feel tired?)

Joytime Dec 17 (The gatekeeper)

Joytime Dec 18 (Faith-o-meter)

Joytime Dec 19  (Hold your kids a little tighter)

Joytime Dec 20 Feeling  lonely

Joytime Dec 24 I love to laugh

Joytime Dec 25  Three Wise Women

Joytime Dec 26 Meditate on God’s Word

Joytime Dec 27 (His ways are not our ways)

Joytime Dec 28 (Grateful for true friends)

Joytime Dec 31 Get Ready

Joytime Jan 1  It’s a new year

Joytime Jan 2 God keeps his promises

Joytime Jan 3  Waiting

Joytime Jan 4 Who do we REALLY serve?

Joytime Jan 7  Find Joy during the tough times

Joytime Jan 8 Is our heart his?

Joytime Jan 9  No idea where I’m going

Joytime Jan 10  Tests

Joytime  Jan 11 Greiving

Joytime  Jan 14 Create

Joytime Jan 15 Testimony





















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