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A friend of mine brought to my attention a video game that her 12-year-old son is begging for.  Most of his friends already have this game.  It is called Grand Theft Auto V, otherwise known as GTA.

Now maybe I’m coming in late to this party, but I had never heard of this game.

My friend told me she was going to order it on Amazon for her son’s birthday gift and wanted to know if I knew anything about it.  She said it was very popular among middle-school boys and since I have a middle-school-aged son, I decided to educate myself about this GTA game.

My goodness!  I was not ready for what I found out!

Here are the facts:

  • Versions are rated M for maturity (17+) or R
  • There are explicit sexual scenes throughout the game and sex is a part of the main story line or “campaign”
  • There is a strip club mini-game where you can “touch” breasts and save provocative panties
  • You can watch a man and woman having sex
  • Players can be required to take video footage of celebrities having sex
  • Players can participate in many sexual activities at ANY time
  • Bloody/gory/murderous violence is throughout this game
  • Players can shoot police officers and innocent people
  • Torturous scenes include beating a helpless man
  • Animals (including pets) can be killed at will
  • Players play the role of criminal characters
  • Players can randomly kill anyone in the game

This list goes on and on.

Do you want to know the most shocking part of this review?  This game earned $800 million in its first day of sales and $1 billion in its first three days.  It is one of the most popular games of all time.

Wake-up Christian Mamas!

My friend is a Christian.  She loves her husband and her kids deeply.   She takes them to church and serves The Lord fiercely.

She and I were in a casual conversation about how hard it is to buy a birthday gift for your 13-year-old son.  We were just chatting about ideas over lunch when this came up.  She said all of his friends played this GTA game and he wanted it too, so she was thinking about getting it for him.


My point with this post is that you and I need to wake-up and get involved in what our kids are doing behind closed doors.  We cannot just willy-nilly buy any video game or App for our sons (or daughters) without doing a thorough Mama-Bear investigation.

The images in these video games will be engrained in the minds of our sons for their life-time.  These games are evil and these boys will have long-term negative effects from filling their minds with these images.

Today’s video games are not like our video games back in the days of the Atari.  This is not your standard Pac-Man or Donkey Kong type of game.  Games like GTA are full of sex, violence, murder and more.

There is also an option with these games to connect to wifi so you can play with your friends. Kids gang up together in the storyline and engage in these activities together.

They talk about it at the lunch table at school.  They brag about how many people they killed while playing the game and how many sexual acts were performed.

Evil!  Pure evil!

Most of us would never knowingly allow this type of garbage into our homes.  The problem is that we are often uninformed.  We assume the game is safe because other kids are playing it.  We are also not informed about the ratings of these games.  We may not even know what “M” stands for.

Life is busy and time gets away from us….well this is a wake-up call to me that I need to be doing my homework!

Uninformed parents are in their living rooms watching “Fixer Upper,” while their sons are upstairs in their rooms watching people have sex on a video game that their parents ordered on Amazon for their birthday.

It happens every day.

It could happen to me.  It could happen to you.

This is a call to all Christian Mamas!  We need to be nosy!  We need to be educated!  We need to be involved!

Sift through your son’s video games.  Review every phone App thoroughly.   Be aware that kids can even hide games similar to GTA on their electronic devices.  Read more about that here:  http://abc13.com/technology/discreet-apps-help-teens-hide-things-from-parents/998592/

What can we do?

  • Pray for our kids and with our kids
  • Help our kids know God’s Word and what He desires from us
  • Talk to our kids about the dangers in these games
  • Be very frank with our kids about sex, shootings and crime
  • Talk to the parents of our kids’ friends and make a stand together
  • Be nosy
  • Ask questions
  • Set standards
  • Say, “no”

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…and He is after your son and mine.


~ Mama Bear Joy

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