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The Psalmist asks God in Chapter 90 to teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Life—it really is short and the older I get, the quicker the years seem to pass by.  Can you relate?  You know, we are just travelers here on Earth and we are people of limits.  We have limited financial resources, we have limited physical abilities and we have limited time here on Earth.  Sometimes I live as if I have assurance for tomorrow, but the truth is, I have no promises.  The Psalmist brings us truth when he asks God to teach us to number our days.  He’s not talking about numerically assigning numbers to each day, but he is asking God to teach us to realize the brevity of our life.  Realize how short life is, reminding us that we have limits.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, no matter how young or old, and keeping this in mind, brings wisdom into our hearts.  Wisdom to be grateful for today and wisdom to keep our focus on eternal things.  Remembering that my days are numbered changes my attitude about today and it encourages me to make today count!  I only get one life to live and I better live it to the full and seek to glorify God in all that I do.  Numbering my days also brings gratefulness to my heart.  Life is frail, short and uncertain, meditating on these truths encourages me to think on the good things God has blessed me with and to be grateful for each day He allows me to live.  I wonder if you’re living your life as if you are promised tomorrow.  Is there something really important you have been waiting until tomorrow to do?  Do you need to mend a relationship, apologize for something you did, or surrender your life to Christ?  Remember, my friend, we don’t know if today will be our last, so live today focused on what really matters.  Make today count!

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