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When I was a little girl, I was…well….let’s just say that I was not the most organized child on the planet. Now this picture is not an actual photo of my bedroom as a child, but I can remember days when it looked similar to this!  I did not keep my room as nice and neat as my Mom preferred, but I did have a cleaning method that I used when I needed to clean my room in a hurry— “stuff and fluff.”  Yes, I was really good at it too!  I would take everything that was on the floor and shove it under my bed.  Dirty clothes would end up in my drawers, or stuffed in my closet.  My room could go from disaster to spotless in under 10 minutes.  

There was one major problem though—my Mom was a lot smarter than me and she knew exactly what I was up to. She always found my mess.  She would help me drag everything out from under my bed and in my closet and she would declare it “Clean Joy’s Room Day”.  Once all the items were exposed in the middle of my floor, boy was it really a mess!  Mom would help me throw away the junk and organize the things I needed to keep.  Three hours later….voilà…things were back in their right place.  I remember once my room was nice and neat, Mom would leave my room for a few minutes and walk back in like she was seeing it for the first time.  She would act so surprised to see such a beautiful room.  She would go on and on about how wonderful it looked and I remember feeling so happy. 

Sometimes in our walk with the Lord, we act as if He does not know about all of the mess in our lives.  We are sinners.  We do things that are wrong and against His will.  We have thoughts that are displeasing to Him.  We often go days, weeks or even longer without confessing our sins to Him.   On the outside, we look pretty good, but on the inside, we are a dirty mess.  My friend, you and I can be assured that even though we do a pretty good job at hiding our sins from others…..God sees it all.

“My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes”.

 ~Jeremiah 16:7

Do you have sin in your life that you are trying to hide? Is there a bad habit you know you need to confess to God and seek His help with? Remember my friend, just like My Mom knew I was shoving all of my mess under my bed, God knows each and every sin you and I commit. We cannot hide it from Him.

God urges us to get right with Him. Over and over again in His Word, he tells us to confess our sins and turn back to Him.  He desires for us to live righteous lives. The best thing you and I can do is to confess each and every sin, ask Him to help us turn away from it and ask Him to help us get things in order.

If you have sin you need to deal with, ask God to help you get rid of the mess so you can get busy living out His will.  He’s got a plan for you!  Don’t miss it!

Grateful for you!



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    I am grateful for you!
    Also, I have gone throught this same experience with my son although we could call his method “Stuff, Smash, Cram and then Pile Legos on top”! Your mom is so wise too–with encouraging you at the end of the process!

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