Some lessons learned through disappointments…


Disappointed is defined as feeling sad, unhappy, or displeased because something was not as good as expected or because something you hoped for or expected did not happen.

Disappointment:  we have all been there.  Things do not always turn out the way we want them.  We feel rejected and hurt and we wonder what the future holds.

Just like you, I have faced disappointments over and over again in my life.  Here are a few things I have learned by walking through disappointment.

1.  Life is hard and unfair.

God showers us with His blessings and He gives us good things, but life is not a Hollywood movie.  God is clear in His word that life on earth will be difficult.  Some of the most esteemed people of the Bible lived the hardest lives.  We do not get a free pass from pain, tribulation or disappointment.  We cannot “earn” an easy life.  Sometimes…life hurts.

But—God is good all the time and He gives us what we need to endure the pain of this life.  When life hurts, we must lean on Him, trust Him and walk by faith.  He is our strength.  He is our shield.  He is near to the brokenhearted and His eye is on those who are crushed in spirit.  Allow your disappointments to drive you to the foot of the cross.

2.   We get ahead of God.

Sometimes disappointment comes because I have made my own plans and set my own dreams before seeking out God’s will for my life.  I get disappointed with an outcome because my plans and dreams were never aligned with God’s purpose in the first place.

But—when I get my life back in order by allowing God to lead me, He shows me His plan and I begin to see Him at work in my life.   He is the creator and I am the created.  The created cannot tell the creator what he/she was made to do and be on this earth.  I did not create myself.  It is His plan I need to seek after, not my own!  I must die to my own selfish flesh and submit to Him.

3.  Closed doors are important.

When we really want something to happen yet the door to that opportunity is closed, we feel disappointed and rejected.  We allow it to get us down and then the enemy can have a hay day with us as we wallow in self-pity.  We will knock on many doors of opportunity—not every door will open.

But—I have learned that a closed door is just as important as an open door because it is leading me towards God’s will for my life.  When a door closes, you and I should not sit around and dwell on it.  We cannot allow it to dampen our spirits.  Instead, we need to remember God is using that closed door to guide us to the next open door.

4.  Things take time.

Most of us like instant gratification, but God requires us to wait.  We do not like to wait.  Waiting is hard.

But– waiting is necessary.  Refinement, sanctification, and fulfilling one’s purpose in life are not quick processes.  We are on a journey to find our place in God’s story and that takes time.  A friend of mine once said, “God is rarely early, but He is never late.”  We need to have patience as we wait on God to move in our lives.

5. When He calls you to it—He will do it!

God will call you and me to do things that seem impossible.  When you and I are seeking after Him, He makes His calling clear.  Fulfilling your calling will take pain-staking effort on your part.

But— When He calls you, He will make it happen.  One of my favorite verses is 1 Thessalonians 5:24 which says “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”  This verse hangs on my refrigerator as encouragement for my journey in life.  You and I must stand firm on what we are called to do. We cannot be quitters just because we hit a road block from time to time.  There are times you will feel so defeated, you will want to quit….don’t quit!  Persevere and cling to His Word.  He will take you where He wants you to go…but He will test you along the way and He will force you out of your comfort zone.

6.  Get up and start again.

We get off course from time to time.  We lose our way.  We make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are big.  We fall down.

But—nothing is too big for God to restore.  He can take our broken, messed-up lives and turn them into something beautiful…but we have to turn back to Him.  When you mess up and you are disappointed in yourself, get back up and with His grace….start again.

Life usually does not end up the way we planned, but as a child of God, we can trust Him during times of disappointment.  He really does have a plan for your life.  He really is working it all together for your good and His glory.

When disappointments come into your life, instead of asking Him “why?”….ask Him, “what’s next?”

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    Nicole Henshaw


    I so look forward to working with you and helping you spread your message! I had an amazing morning with your dear friend Dawn.
    What you have written is so true that I can’t even begin to put into words what those words mean to me and the comparisons of the same lessons I have learned over my 43 years.

    I have a story and through everything that I have been through over the years, learned from, grown from, each and everyday I am constantly reminded of his precious love.

    I am everything I am today because of him, he is the reason and the only reason and if it takes the rest of my life telling my testimony of faith and where I am today because of his love then that is what I will do.

    See you soon,


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