Some “Extra” special people in my life!


These little people in the photo are some of my most favorite people in the world!  My nephew, Riley is on the far left, next is my niece, Abbie, followed by my own little man, Sam and then my daughter, Ellie.  This weekend, Riley and Abbie (and their Mom, Julie) are planning to make their way to Jackson (for the first time) for a week of “Cousin Camp” at our house !  We have been counting down the days, but this week Riley (who has type 1 diabetes) is sick.  We are praying he will recover and they will still be able to make their 10 hour journey this weekend.  Truthfully, for me, the hardest part of our move from NC to TN was leaving Riley and Abbie.  It broke all of our hearts to separate them from Ellie and Sam.  OH how I miss them!  These four kids love each other so much, and when they get together, watch out!  It proves to be a loud, chaotic time full of squealing, running and laughter (mixed in with some mischief too).  We are praying so hard that God will help Riley improve today so the Huneycutt family can head west.  I would appreciate your prayers for Riley.

I know you have “extra” special people in your life too!  Why don’t you let them know what they mean to you.  Go all out to do something extra special for them today!

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