Live Like That!


Good morning my friends!  As I type this morning, I am listening to a new song by Sidewalk Prophets, “Live Like That”.  This song reminds me that choosing to serve Christ is not the easy road in life, it is the more difficult road.  We get one life to live and one day we will face God and give an account with what we did with the life He gave to us.  This song brings me such encouragement to strive to live a life totally abandoned, holding nothing back.  As this songs says, “I want to live like that, give it all I have, so that everything I say and do points to You.”  Let’s give all we have to Him…let’s live like that!

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    Vicki Eudy

    We are so excited for you and joytime ministries! The life you live for Christ is amazing. We are so glad to say we know her. Miss you so much but continue the work you are doing and may God have all the glory!

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