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Have you ever met a person who seems to know everything about…well, everything.  Have you ever met a “know it all”?  Some people seem to have all the answers and it can be annoying because they aren’t teachable.  Truth is, sometimes that person is ME!  When I take a good look at my own life, God reveals to me that many times I’m the one not wanting to be taught.  I’m the one who isn’t teachable and it can show up in my Christian walk.  There are times where God is speaking to me…He is trying to show me an area I need to work on, but I’m not eager to listen.  As a studier of God’s Word, sometimes I can be unteachable.  It’s no fun having my faults pointed out.  It doesn’t feel good when God disciplines me, or calls me to make changes in my life.  I would much rather focus on the things I’m doing well.  Many times, as Christians, we choose to focus on the “warm and fuzzy” parts of the Bible.  We welcome reading about God’s love and His blessings, but what about His discipline?  How do we respond when He convicts us to change or disciplines us over our behavior?  Are we unteachable?  Matthew Chapter 10:21 says, “A disciple is not above his teacher nor a slave above his master”.  When we come to worship and to study God’s Word, we should come with a prepared heart that is eager to change.  A heart that is ready to accept Truth from God.  May we approach God’s throne as one who is ready to learn.   Are you teachable?

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