Help Me OBEY!


I saw a television segment years ago where children were given a platter full of goodies to eat.  The children were told they could eat anything on the platter except the Oreo cookies.  Then, the children were left alone with the platter of goodies but what they didn’t know was that there was a secret camera recording them.  Guess what the children did?  They ate the OREOS of course!  If you have kids of your own, or if you’ve been around kids, you know how difficult it is to teach obedience.  There are lots of self-help books on the market that provide some guidance on this, but the truth is, we are creatures that do what we know we shouldn’t do.  We see it from the beginning of time with Adam and Eve in the garden.  Only one tree they are commanded NOT to eat from and what do they do—they eat from it.  Oh how I see this in myself!  Times where I know what is best and I do the thing I know I shouldn’t do.  Can you relate?  Listen to what the Psalmist says in Chapter 5:  “Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.”  What a prayer!  You know, we are creatures with sinful natures.  Daily, we must die to ourselves and live for Christ.  Let’s ask God to transform our hearts and help us obey Him.  May we seek to be obedient in all things!  Thanks for reading today!


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    Thanks Joy! Perfect timing for this message:)

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