Don’t Look Back!


In the book of Luke we read that Jesus was going along teaching and people were coming to Him to tell Him that they wanted to follow Him.  In Chapter 9, we read that someone said “I will follow You wherever You go, but first allow me to bury my father”, and yet another said “I will follow you but first let me say good-bye to those at home”.  Remember what Jesus said?  “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God”.   God spoke to me in a powerful way through this scripture recently.  You see, when God is calling you to something, it requires a step in faith!  It requires DOING something.  And, when you obey the call and take that step, you are choosing to take the hard road, the most difficult road, but it’s the only road if we are true disciples of Christ.  As you follow Him, it’s important for you to remember that there is a cost to discipleship.  Other people will discourage you, your finances may not be what you desire them to be, and you will probably NOT feel comfortable.  I love the analogy Jesus gives us.  Following Him, is like plowing a new field in our life.  And as we grab a hold of this plow, we are unsure of the ground that lies before us.  The work will not be easy and it will require sacrifice.  It may mean you have to sell your house. It may mean you have to move away from loved ones.  It may mean you will lose friends because they will view you as being too “religious”.  Are you willing to follow Him anyway?  Are you willing to pay the price of being His disciple?  Are you willing to risk everything to obey the call?  I encourage you to have boldness in your faith!  You grab a hold of that plow, and get ready for an adventure as you serve your God….keep your eyes ahead and don’t look back!  Thanks for reading today!  ~Joy

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    tracie love miller

    Joy it was so refreshing reading your blog for the first time.I remember you from West Stanly High School.You were a bright and very liked person.A friend of mine shared information about you on facebook.I am so happy for you and your family.I do remember seeing you also at Ridgecrest School on the PTO staff.I am sure you have heard the school has been closed down.My kids started there since kindergarten.We loved the school and were excited the kids would be going to a good school.You can send me messages about your JoyBLOGS TO MY email address.

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