Because I Said So!


If you’re a parent, you’ve told your kids “no” more than once when they have asked to do something.  And if you’re kids are like mine, your answer of “no” doesn’t always satisfy them.  They want to know why…why can’t they do what they want to do?  Have you ever responded to them by saying, “Because I said so”?  I recently read an article entitled, 10 Stupid Things Parents Say to Children.  In this article, the words, “Because I said so” made the list.  The author argues that if you can’t explain why you are doing what you are doing as a parent, then you need to rethink what you are doing.  This is an interesting parenting idea to me and I’m not sure I completely agree with the author.  You see, when I study God’s Word on the topic of parenting, I find that God is very clear about how things are ordered.  Ephesians 6  tells us that children should obey and honor their parents in the Lord, for this is right.  It also says that Fathers are not to provoke their children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  God has set order to things and as parents, we are to require obedience from our children, as we are to parent with love and discipline.  God is the absolute authority and as His child, I am to obey Him with or without an explanation.  He has the right to require me to obey even if I don’t understand completely.  I love my children dearly and I feel they understand better when I can give them a reason for my answers.  But, I also believe it is good for my children to respect and obey authority without requiring an explanation.   If they will not obey Bryan and me as their authority, there is a good chance they will not obey God as their authority.  It’s our job to demonstrate Godly authority over our children while we submit to the authority of God.  I try not to use the phrase, “Because I said so” very often to my children, but I sure hope I am training them up to submit to authority and ultimately submit to THE ultimate authority, All Mighty God!

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