The end of May!

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

Can you believe it is the end of May?  I really do not know where this month has gone, do you?  It has been a busy month for our family.  I have been reading in the book of Luke lately.  I enjoy reading the gospel of Luke.  He was a very detailed writer.  He gives such a thorough account of the life of Christ.  I want to encourage you to be determined this summer to spend time reading God’s Word.  For me, I need a plan in order to get started and to stick with it!  I encourage you to find a good Bible study, devotion book, or simply pick a book of the Bible and set a goal to finish it before the summer ends.  Let’s strive to spend quality time with God daily and seek to know Him more!

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  1. Hey Joy! Did not know about your website!I have really missed you.I feel like

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